9 Useful Strategies to Grow Your Blog Business

9 Useful Strategies to Grow Your Blog Business

How to Grow Your Blog Business Blogging is a business that is lucrative if it is well managed, and of cause when you start blogging, the monetary profit might not be immediate, but you should strive to make your blog grow well especially if you really want to monetize it. With good growth and management … Read more

Basic Investment Skills: How to Invest Little Funds

Basic Investment Skills - How to invest little funds

Basic Investment Skills The key to building wealth is developing good money managerial skills. Simply put, you need to know when to invest, when to spend and when to save. Although a lot of people want to get wealthy, they shy away from the idea of investing because they think you need a lot of … Read more

Top 5 Business Ideas for Students

Top 5 Business Ideas for Students

Business Ideas for Students The combination of being a serious student and being seriously broke is one of the greatest tortures ever known to man. Trust me, I have been there, you don’t want to be in that situation. I am sure that at some point as a student, you have needed some extra cash … Read more

What Is a CIO and Do You Need One?

CIO stands for chief information officer, and it’s usually a role at an enterprise-level organization. The CIO of a company is someone who’s in charge of developing and implementing the overall information technology or IT strategy. For example, the CIO will work on implementing scalable hardware and cloud-based assets and managing the IT infrastructure with … Read more

HTC to lay off 1,500 (22% of its) workers

Due to fall in market share, sales and revenue, HTC have decided to stay alive the hard way — sending a sizeable number of workers home. The employee lay off will be made at the company’s manufacturing plan located in Taiwan and the OEM is looking to remove 22% of its total staff from its … Read more

LG Electronics Provides Free Laundry Service to Ogba Community In Lagos

LG Electronics recently inaugurated a free laundry service for the people of Ogba, Ikeja and its environs who are facing the difficulty of water and power to efficiently carry out their washing chores. The laundry cabin is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to effectively take care of laundry needs of the people for free. The event … Read more

Report: The wait might be over as new owner of 9Mobile is announced

After a very lengthy sales process, the new owners of the 9Mobile brand – which was formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria – have been revealed. This is coming after a sales process overseen by both Barclays Africa and the Central Bank of Nigeria. In the time that the now-acquired company has been listed for sale, … Read more