Umidigi F1 Specs and Price

At a time when most smartphone manufacturers are rounding up product releases for the year 2018, popular Chinese OEM UMIDIGI makes a die minute (read: last minute) move by adding yet another top-of-the-line device to its mid-range arsenal. And although the UMIDIGI F1 has been subject to rumours, leaks and renders over the past couple … Read more

Google Permanently Shuts Down Google Plus

Google have shut down its internet-based social network, Google Plus (or Google+) following a security glitch that caused the exposure of data of almost half a million users. The exposure of users data occurred between the period of 2015 — 2018 and was caused by a faulty API that allowed developers have access to these … Read more

Tips on how to make your WordPress website faster

website speed

This tutorial will work you through on how to make your website faster. First, you have to test your web page speed using Google Pagespeed Insight here. Just add your website URL and click the analyze button. NOTE: Remove unnecessary plugins and don’t use google ads (Adsense) code when testing (you can add them after that). 1. … Read more

First 5G Smartphone to come from OPPO?

While the 5G technology is scheduled for a 2020 launch, and many network companies and OEMs are working tirelessly to ensure that their products are ready ahead of the launch of the next-generation mobile internet connectivity, Oppo seems to be the front-runner in the race for the first 5G-enabled smartphone — with Huawei, LG, Samsung, and … Read more

Gmail’s ‘Confidential mode’ feature makes it way to mobile

According to Google’s latest update to its email platform, Gmail, users will now be able to send and receive ‘confidential’ emails; just when we thought email security couldn’t get any better. Google has, no doubt, furnished Gmail with quite a number of feature over the past couple of months (Nudge and Smart Unsubscribe, for example), … Read more

Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines Updated

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Google has published a revised version of the 164-page set of guidelines used to help human ‘quality raters’ evaluate online content and provide feedback to Google Google updates its search quality rater guidelines that includes some new areas of focus for raters. Google contracts with over 10,000 search quality raters worldwide to evaluate its search … Read more

Google to Stop Public URL Submissions to Search Index

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Google announced that it is stoping the public method of submitting URLs to its search index. The “addurl” page, which is still listed in this help document, now redirects to the Google Search Console login page. Google Webmasters said,”We’ve had to drop the public submission feature.” The company did not say why it was necessary to drop it. … Read more

SEO Meaning – Search Engine Optimization

SEO search engine optimization

What is SEO? SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the umbrella term for all the methods you can use to ensure the visibility of your website and its content on search engine results pages (SERPs). The methods is different from technical SEO practices you can achieve behind the scenes on your website (Known as ‘on-page SEO’) … Read more

HTC to lay off 1,500 (22% of its) workers

Due to fall in market share, sales and revenue, HTC have decided to stay alive the hard way — sending a sizeable number of workers home. The employee lay off will be made at the company’s manufacturing plan located in Taiwan and the OEM is looking to remove 22% of its total staff from its … Read more

With Gmail’s new “Nudge” feature, you won’t miss important mails anymore

Google has laced its mailing service, Gmail, with a new feature (incorporated with AI) to help solve the problem of forgetting to reply or follow up on important emails and conversations. Google calls the feature “Nudge”. It wasn’t too long ago that Google announced a “Snooze” feature that allows you mute emails to carry out … Read more

LG Electronics Provides Free Laundry Service to Ogba Community In Lagos

LG Electronics recently inaugurated a free laundry service for the people of Ogba, Ikeja and its environs who are facing the difficulty of water and power to efficiently carry out their washing chores. The laundry cabin is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to effectively take care of laundry needs of the people for free. The event … Read more

Report: The wait might be over as new owner of 9Mobile is announced

After a very lengthy sales process, the new owners of the 9Mobile brand – which was formerly known as Etisalat Nigeria – have been revealed. This is coming after a sales process overseen by both Barclays Africa and the Central Bank of Nigeria. In the time that the now-acquired company has been listed for sale, … Read more

First Biological Supercomputer unveiled

Canadian scientists have created a biological supercomputer that can process information very quickly and accurately using parallel networks just like massive electronic supercomputers do. According to reports the supercomputer is a whole lot smaller than current supercomputers, burns much less energy, and uses proteins present in all living cells to function. The model of bio supercomputer … Read more