While the F8 – a global event held by Facebook where next-gen tech and other innovations in the company and industry are discussed – is still ongoing, we have already had a number of changes. One of the will directly affect the Facebook Messenger app which will now be made cleaner and simpler.

Over time, Facebook has been riding on the wings of ‘adding features’ to the platform to make things harder for people to find. That just goes on to make the app clumsier as time goes by. However, with the new design overhaul set to happen, all that will become a thing of the past.

Facebook Messenger to get a ‘simpler and neater’ design after overhaul

Having been working on this design overhaul since the beginning of the year, we are sure to get the update soon after the announcement by Mark. According to him,

“When you’re messaging, you really want a simple and fast experience. We’re taking this moment to completely redesign Messenger to focus on these ideas”

When this kicks into full gear, Facebook will be reliving the idea that bore the first Messenger app – to allow users communicate without having to jump through hoops to get there.